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Window Film Application


Sun & Protection Films - Installation References- near your place:

  • Residential Installation: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Commercial Installation:12 Years Limited Warranty

Both Commercial and Residential Warranties carry a 3 Years Seal Failure Guarantee and a 5 Years Glass Breakage Guarantee. Please refer to our warranty materials for full details.

Product Building Address City Area Problem Resolve
Solar Bronze 50 2018 Newcarlisle Orleans Heat Reduction
Optivision 22 659 Petrichor Street Orleans Heat Reduction
Signature 60 1696 Jersey Street Orleans Heat Reduction
Silver 60 2091 Assomption Street Orleans Heat Reduction
Silver 15 1051 Markwick crescent Orleans Glare and Heat Reduction
Silver 15 /optitune 20 1864 Micklebrry Orleans Heat Reduction- Privacy
Optivision 35 33 Sunvale Street Barhaven Heat Reduction
Silver 15 1706 Heatherstone Orleans Heat Reduction
Solar Bronze 50 795 Valin street Orleans Privacy
Silver 15/ optivision 05 2047 Newcarlisle Orleans Heat Reduction
Silver 15 Sonshine Families ( apple lane street) Cumberland Increase Privacy
Silver 15 90 Carwood Street Ottawa Heat Reduction
Silver 15 20 Cargrove Ottawa Glare and Heat Reduction
Optivision 05/15 207 chinian rd


Heat Reduction-glare
Solar bronze 35 660 Nestley Ottawa-South- Findley Creek Heat reduction and Privacy
Solar silver 15 613 Nestley Ottawa-South- Findley Creek Heat Reduction
Silver 35 and 15 9 ballymore ave Hunt Club area Heat Reduction
Nova 70 2-2200 Innes road- Denstistry Innes Smart Centre Heat Reduction
Nova 70 329 Blackleaf DR- House Stonebrigde area ( barrhaven) Heat Reduction and UV protection
solar bronze 35 1884 arrowgrass off trim road- House Innes trim road Heat Reduction and privacy
silver 15 220 edgefield terrace- House facing west Stonebrigde area (barrhaven) Heat Reduction and glare