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Ottawa Window Tinting  Pay Solution - NO INTEREST EVER!

What is Ottawa Window tinting Pay Solution?

Sun & Protection Films Pay Solution allows you to get the work done today while making convenient fortnightly or monthly direct debit payments.

You nominate your bank account and we do the rest. It generally takes only a few minutes for the entire process. And...

Your contract has NO INTEREST EVER!

Why? Because we pay the interest for you!

How it works

You choose the installation you want (Min $600 - Max $3300) and pay a 35% deposit and a small administration fee.

To give you an idea of how it works, look at the following table and then work out for yourself if you cannot afford to get the job done.

Total Cost of Job 




Deposit 25%




Admin Fee








Amount to Pay Now




Monthly Payments




Application Process

You are eligible for Solution-Pay if you are a permanent Canadian resident or Canadian Citizen and:

  1. Are over 21 years of age and working more than 30 hrs per week, or
  2. Receive an aged pension

The application takes about 5 minutes to complete.

  • We will need photo identification (a current Canadian drivers license or Proof of Age card),
  • employment details (Business Registration required if self employed), and
  • a bank statement (or other form of account identification / ownership) that shows your bank account number and branch number.

We will help you to work out your repayments. Such as a start date, an agreed term up to 6 months, frequency of billing ( monthly) and the amount to be debited. If you want to make extra payments or pay a lump sum, you can without penalty. You decide the account for payments - Bank, Credit Union or Credit Card (Credit Card Surcharge of 1.5% applies). Once authorized, the request is processed through a secure Billing Management System.

Approval in 2 minutes - Once approved, we can go ahead with the work.

After approval, the application is sent to Bank. A confirmation letter will be sent to your home confirming the number of payments, the amount of each payment and the date of each direct debit. No need to make payments at the store as payments will be directly debited or charged to your nominated account, with NO INTEREST EVER.

Sun & Protection Films Pay Solution is a retail payment service

If you are interested in taking up our Solution-Pay payment offer, please discuss it with our sales representative by call 613 263-5465