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Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to install film on my Home?
It all depends on the number of windows that need tint as well as the size of windows and the home. As long as you use a qualified, professional Sun Protection Film installer, the job will usually take anywhere from 1.5 to 4.5 hours and will not interrupt your daily routine.

What type of film do you install?
We install solar film for Heat Reduction both Automotive and buildings,
and we install top notch security film that blocks even gun fire in vehicles and buildings

what makes your security film so Secure?
first of all We use film that has passes bullet test and that are recommend and already install in USA government and Canada government
building for security, Secondly only Certified Professional who have experience and has been trained by the manufacture can actually gives you
this guarantee.

Where are you locate in we want to work with you?
We are able to develop any security or solar project in most country in Africa, You just have to contact us and we will evaluate your project.

Who Can need your Service?
We have work for government , United Nation Organization, business men and women. If you have an hotel and will like to make it energy efficient and make it more beautiful we can work it, if you have a building that can be damaged by any social event, we can protect it from breaking if you think your security is an issue, we can install our film in your office, car,even boat. Where there is a Glass we Can help.

Is Residential window film installed on the inside or the outside of the glass?
Window film is always applied to the inside of the home. Installers simply use the outside in some cases .

What film is legal for my car?
Laws pertaining to how dark you can tint your car windows vary from province to province. Here in Africa the Law says this:

The Police officer must see the driver from outside the tinted window. To understand what that meant I talked to one Police Officer and he explained to me that : "if you want to know if your tint is legal or not, take your driver's license and from inside your car hold it against the tinted window, if the driver's license is readable from the outside you're in the legal zone. If not, your tint is illegal. However don't worry, we will let you know if the tint you choose is legal or not.

Go to for the latest automotive tint laws.

Will window film stop all interior fading?
No. Window film will not completely eliminate fading from occurring. Depending on the type of window film that is applied, window film can reduce fading by up to 70%. It's important to note there are multiple causes for fading UV rays, solar heat and visible light and window film can combat all of these threats.

Will window film damage my residential dual pane windows?
As long as your professional installer uses the right type of window film, your dual pane windows should not be affected. FYI, Sun Prortection films provides :How to Avoid Glass Breakage support materials to all of their clients.

Does solar film prevent the glass from breaking?
No. Solar film does an excellent job at holding broken glass together but it cannot prevent the window from breaking if it comes in contact with a severe force (e.g. hurricane, baseball bat blow).
For thoses cases we have security film that goes deeper and can stop even bullets. We install those in Residences government offices and high personality Vehicles

Safety & security films can be found anyplace where glass breakage poses a threat - homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings and even cars. They are available in a variety of thickness sizes depending on the level of protection needed, and you can choose either a clear film, if you don't want the look of window film, or a shaded version if you are looking for added solar protection.

Another popular protection film is anti-graffiti. This clear film was created to protect glass and other non-porous surfaces from accidental scratches and acts of vandalism.

My car is half tinted, can I still tint?

Yes, we can tint the front doors for you at a reasonable price and make it legal , of course.

Is it important to tint my house event when we have air conditioning?

Yes, it is still important to do so: Window films have many useful characteristics such as reducing glare, enhance the home beauty, Create comfort by reducing the heat during the summer time and reducing the air conditioning that escape from your home through the glass.

Is it true that the glass permit the heat to escape from my house to the outside?

Yes it is true. I explain.There are some universe laws such as hot air is lighter than normal air. Such laws exist also for temperatures
The glass is separation between the inside and the outside of your home; but it permits transfer of temperature. The universe laws say that temperature travel from the hot point to the cold point. That means during the winter the hot point is your home and the heat is going outside ( 15%) through the normal glass and during the summer the hot poit is outside and the heat is coming inside your home through the glass too. With tinted glass you reduce the heat transfer ummer or winter, plus you cut the glare, you enhance your home, you create more comfort and you save money too.

What is the average time I can pay off the tint installation of my home?

Generally that ia about 24 months, but remember that residential window tinting is a lifetime projet.

I am concerned about loosing the light with window tinting, Will I loose the daylight if I tint my home?

No You will very surprise that you will still have the light as before plus the comfort and the privacy.
Car tinting is not the same as the residential tinting.

is there a way to know how much it can cost to tint my home?

Yes, Just call ottawa-window-tinting at +237 33 10 97 10 (Africa) or 1 866-697-2365 (North America)for a free Quotation.