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Reasons to audit your Home energy use today

There is one thing sure today.. Energy Price will always climbing

Pie chart shows energy use in a typical home:

34% space heating,

34% appliances and lighting,

13% water heating,

11% electric A/C,

8% refrigerator.

How We Use Energy in Our Homes Heating accounts for the biggest chunk of a typical utility bill.

. The first step to taking a wholehouse energy efficiency approach is to find out which parts of your house use the most energy. A home energy audit will pinpoint those areas and suggest the most effective measures for cutting your energy costs. We will conduct a simple home energy audit of your home, for a more comprehensive examination.

For more information about home energy audits, including free tools and calculators, visit the Consumer's Guide or the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) consumer page


We will formulating a Plan After we have identified where your home is losing energy, assign priorities by asking you a few important questions

* How much money do you spend on energy?

* Where are your greatest energy losses?

* How long will it take for an investment in energy efficiency to pay for itself in energy cost savings

* Do the energy saving measures provide additional benefits that are important to you (for example, increased comfort from installing double-paned, efficient windows or adding window films)?

*How long do you plan to own your current home?

* Can you do the job yourself or will you need to hire a contractor?

* What is your budget and how much time do you have to spend on maintenance and repair?

Once we assign priorities to your energy needs, we can form a whole house efficiency plan. The plan will provide you with a strategy for making smart purchases and home improvements that maximize energy efficiency and save the most money.

Another option is to get a full report of improvement that need to be done. . For a fee, As a professional contractor will analyze how well your home's energy systems work together and compare the analysis to your utility bills. we will use a variety of equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras, and surface thermometers to find leaks and drafts. After gathering information about your home, we will give you a list of recommendations for cost-effective energy improvements and enhanced comfort and safety. We will also calculate the return on your investment in high-efficiency equipment compared with standard equipment. Photo of a ranch style house in winter. Thermal photograph of ranch style house shows heat escaping through windows, doors, and front ?porch. Heat Loss from a House A picture is this case, lost heating dollars. This thermal photograph shows heat leaking from a house during those expensive winter heating months. The white, yellow, and red colors show heat escaping. The red represents the area of the greatest heat loss.

You cannot afford to Loose Money Every singleday.

ACT NOW Make an Energy Efficient Audit Today.